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Las mejores cuentas de animales cute en Insta para compartir con tus tías

¡Animalitos cute para todxs!

Por: Cynthia Blanco

Instagram no sería nada sin videos de gatos en cajas o tortugas que mueven su caparazón mientras toman un baño.

Súrtete de tu dosis diaria de cuteness con las mascotas que tienen más seguidores que tu en Instagram y seguro amarán tus tías a las que les encanta compartir piolines.


1. @juniperfoxx 

Juniper es una zorra súper linda, pasa todo el día durmiendo y hace sonidos bien cute.  Vive con otro zorrito hermoso que también puedes ver en la misma cuenta #ganandocomosiempre.

2. @venustwofacecat 

Venus es un gato único, es el nucita de los gatos o como internet dice  “el gato de dos caras”. Tiene su propia cuenta de Instagram donde puedes verlo comer, hacerse bolita y todas esas cosas que nos gustan de los gatos.


Microchips, TNR, Collars! Know what makes me sad? Kitties who sneak out or run away.... but worse, when they don't have a microchip, collar, and are not spayed/neutered. Mama stopped today to pick up a kitty who had been hit by a car in front of a school campus w/ an elementary, middle, and high school. He was already deceased and had likely been hit last night. She's done this before for a few reasons. It's hurtful/sad for kids to see animals lying roadside (esp in front of a school) and she takes them to a nearby vet who will scan for a microchip in hopes she can bring someone closure if the kitty has a human. If no human comes forward (yes she searches everywhere for missing cat notices) the kitty will at least be cremated and not just left on the road to disintegrate. This kitty had no collar, wasn't neutered, and didn't have a microchip. He was likely a stray but there are so many stories of lost and found pets with no identification and mama wants to drive in the importance of wearing a safety breakaway collar with an ID tag and microchipping your pet so you can be reunited. Equally, if not more important is spaying and neutering. This poor kitty was probably part of a stray colony, a colony that will grow larger and larger if our humans don't help. There are TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs just about everywhere. Please consider volunteering some time to this very important cause to keep more and more strays from being born homeless. The recent hurricanes bring to light another reason why microchipping is so helpful even if your pet never goes outside. We never know how natural disasters or other unforeseen events may affect us where we furbabies might wander away from home. We want to be reunited with our humans so please make sure we have a way to get back to you if we get lost. Our thoughts and purrayers are with those affected by the recent storms and other tragic events happening in various places. ���� Thanks for listening! XOXO Love, Venus #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #tnr #microchip

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3. @mensweardog 

Mensweardog el Shiba con más estilo del mundo y no hay más que decir, solo admíralo.


The perfect man does not exi-

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4. @pumpkintheraccoon

Pocahontas en tiempos modernos. Un mapache domesticado, que más podemos pedir. Gracias, Instagram.


��"Am I smising?! Do you have my good side?" ��"Tyra would be proud." #tbt #pumpkintheraccoon

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5. @3bulldogges

Perritos Gordos. FIN.


Me when I watch, This is Us.

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